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Delivering contact center, third party and social media information
in a visually flexible display fully customizable to your preferences

Show your contact center real-time information... plus Facebook and Twitter feeds...
...graphs, charts, tables and diagrams...
...threshold breach information and alerts...
...share price, messengers, news, clocks, commodities fluctuations, local traffic or police updates, weather, pollen counts... streaming in a format of your choice and preference...

...You have found the solution you need!

The VSR2 Contact Center Wallboard incorporates the following features to increase end user satisfaction and maximise the potential of the information available regarding the Cisco contact center:

Fully customizable display

Choose what you show, where on the screen, at the size you need, with whatever other information you want to display

Multi platform

LCD, plasma screen, tablet, smart phone, smart watch for displays and alerts

Third party content

If you have content you need to display, we can accommodate it

Social media content

Facebook, Twitter, etc., can be displayed live

24hr thresholds

Call center pressures change over the day and so do the thresholds for ongoing optimisation

Breach counter

Show how many times thresholds have been breached today (and for how long!)


Take queues and place them into groups for display on the wallboards

Various display options

Create as many concurrent displays showing up to twenty queues on each display

Wallboard library

Easily access and display previous wallboards stored in your library


Timer controlled messages can be sent to the on screen scrolling message display


Straightforward signs to make all the information easily accessible

Widget content

Clocks, Share Prices, Weather, Pollen Count, Live Airport Updates, Currency Variations, Local Traffic plus much more!

App capability

Deliver Wallboards onto Apple and Android tablets, phones and watches where applicable

Live video streaming

News or security camera information direct to the screen

Warning alerts

Audible, visual, app-based and email

Super easy GUI

Helping you deliver and change content as needed


Cross reference and evaluate current conditions with those from 24 hours ago


Create teams from agents as you need them to be displayed

Total queue

Show all displayed queues on the wallboard as a single total queue


Email wallboards to agents and colleagues for quick and easy display


Tailor to show you how your call center statistics are performing over days, weeks, months, etc.

VSR2 continues to bring you the latest in Wallboard Software giving you control and content delivered to your fingertips and allowing you to create and display in the form that fits your needs now and in the future.

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