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WEMM – Auto Login

Windows Extension Mobility Manager
(WEMM) software for Cisco systems

With time and budgetary controls being essential in business today, ensuring your most important asset (i.e., people) are logged into your communications system is crucial.


WEMM is integral to any Cisco Unified Communications solution offering organizations a far more effective way of managing staff use of the communications solution, enhancing the working environment and potentially providing significant savings.


WEMM will:

log your Cisco phone in automatically when you log into your computer;

enhance user satisfaction with their working environment;

limit the workload on staff having to remember multiple login details;

save money on potentially expensive mobile phone use; and

allow more accurate staff management.

This is achieved by managing the process of logging in and out of the phone automatically when users log onto their computers, thereby saving time and money typically lost in the manual process.

In addition to this, management is enhanced where staff logged into their phones is either crucial for the smooth operation of the work environment (such as in call centers) or is essential in monitoring as and when company personnel begin and end their working days.


When we look at the savings available through using WEMM, we can see that over a business and over a period of time, say a year, there are massive time, and therefore financial, savings to be made. With WEMM being automatic upon computer login and logout, it will ensure your staff and agents are available at the earliest opportunity meaning that you will be further optimized. Customers wait for less time to speak to someone, enquiries get actioned faster, clients are happier and resolution and retention are further maximized.

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