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Real-time contact center statistics 
delivered to PC, laptop or large screen display

Tickertape presents information clearly and concisely and can be hidden from the bottom or top of the screen if desired. Either way, it allows you to continue working whilst it monitors the information and, with threshold breach technology, it makes you aware of any issues as and when they occur.

When thresholds are breached, you are alerted either in a visual or audible way, or, of course, both. The parameter where the breach has occurred changes colour to red, allowing instant identification of the issue.

The flow of real-time information to a contact center agent or manager, direct to their PC or laptop, is essential. It ensures the 
team has the data they need at their fingertips such that they can predict or react to the changing dynamics within the contact center as and when they occur and, obviously, when it is required to maximize performance. This ensures customer service remains high, maximizing performance and minimizing costs through efficiencies of effort.



is scalable;

incorporates audible and visual alarms;

shows whichever queue is required;

allows parameters to be added or removed with ease through its simple GUI; and

can show up to 14 parameters on each Tickertape displayed.

This solution is remotely deployed and supported ensuring you are quickly up and running with no fuss and no disruption.


It is the ideal solution for companies who do not have the budget for a wallboard software suite but do have the need to understand how many people are currently waiting in queue, for how long and what resources they have available.

Knowing what is happening right now with your customers is a business necessity. Use Tickertape and ensure that you can react to needs when they arise, optimize your staff and give your customers the service they demand and deserve.

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