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 – Call Recording

The Aware Cisco recorder is a reliable, affordable, simple and easy-to-use IP call recording solution for unified communications systems and IP Telephony environments with an intuitive, easy-to-understand and secure browser-based user interface. Designed by Cisco certified engineers, it is aimed specifically at the Cisco call recording environment.


Recording calls allows your company to monitor, analyse and improve the way your agents handle those calls. Evaluating your call management leads to better employee performance and results in increased customer satisfaction. 

VSR2′s Aware solution offers customisable rules for recording and reviewing calls, and, through its incorporated features, it helps maximise the potential of all the recorded and stored information available:

Dual media streaming

Calls are recorded without a dedicated network interface card ​

SPAN recording

Calls are recorded via a SPAN configured NIC


Calls are stored in a virtual container with the content encrypted as an extra security measure in case the server were to be compromised​


Aware’s components can either be run in a single machine (vertically scaling) or across different nodes (have a recording engine to record calls with a different one to do the heavy weight processing of the calls into MP3 files)​

Encrypted dual redundancy cloud back up

Recordings can be backed up into a cloud server where they are stored and encrypted ensuring both privacy and preventing calls from being lost in cases of hardware failure

Easily searchable library of all calls

Quickly find the recording you need based on numerous search parameters​

Remote monitoring

Supervisors can remotely monitor calls

Recording calls at any time

For instance, you can start call recording mid-call and capture it all from the start; or even if the call has ended, you can still easily capture the whole call​. Calls can be recorded

automatically or on demand

Screen recording

Record agents’ screens whenever there is an on-going call or given a filter parameter, for instance, if one of the windows active is Facebook, it would record​

Optional call functionality

Agents can use their phones or the web interface​

Auto Send

Email recordings automatically into your inbox at the end of the call in your preferred format

Evaluating performance

Record agents between certain hours, then review and evaluate to improve performance​


Tabulate agent performance over time allowing testing of the system to measure its power

Using the Aware solution benefits your entire company. The software allows for recording and monitoring calls throughout the whole organisation, not just in the contact center. As a result, not only will you have the chance to improve your customer services, but also to optimise your productivity, comply with legal requirements, address security concerns and enable quick customer issue resolution.


VSR2′s Aware software is quick to install, can be deployed today and used tomorrow, with scalable costs to fit your needs.

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