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Cisco’s contact center software forces agents into a 'not ready' state if they miss a call. 
Without suitable warning, agents could sit in this state while callers queue...


No longer!

Is there anything more infuriating than an agent missing a call due to their status being set to 'not ready' without them being aware of it? Calls are not being answered, wait times are increasing and customer satisfaction is falling rapidly...


Market feedback suggests that a lack of visibility in this instance is one of the biggest issues with Cisco contact center customers.

AgentAlert fixes this issue permanently.

When an agent’s status changes to 'not ready,' the warning box shown above appears on their screen. They then have three options:

dismiss it;

acknowledge it and change their status back; or

leave it on their screen as a reminder for when they are ready to change it back.

Any manager walking through a contact center will see immediately when an agent has been set to 'not ready.'

AgentAlert is a simple solution to a significant problem and one with huge saving potential.

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