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  • Star Daily archiving during low load times minimising system impact
  • Star Specifically tailored for infrequent retrievals
  • Star Perfect for extended storage periods (even decades)
  • Star Data is transferred using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Star Automatically stores data encrypted at rest using Advanced      Encryption Standard (AES) 128
  • Star Designed to significantly exceed the principle of ’5 9′s of durability’
  • Star Redundantly stores calls in multiple facilities and on multiple devices      within each facility
  • Star Performs regular, systematic data integrity checks and is built to be      automatically self-healing
  • Star Data is encrypted so that even we can’t read it – data secrecy
  • Star No limit to the amount of data that can be stored – the service grows      with your needs
  • Star Data retrieval up to 5% of average monthly stored data is free


The Vault plus 100Gb for



How many calls is that? If average call recording length is 5 minutes we anticipate encrypting, transferring and storing up to:

170,000 calls


Economical real-time information


Auto-login software for EM users

  • Star Cisco queue data delivered directly to your laptop or PC
  • Star End user controls which queue to view and changes stats as needed
  • Star Discrete solution – hide off of screen and display only on breach
  • Star User selects placement – top or bottom of screen
  • Star Very competitive financially giving real-time information at low-cost
  • Star Auto-login your Cisco phone in when you log into your computer
  • Star Enhance user satisfaction within the working environment
  • Star Limit the workload on staff having to remember multiple logins
  • Star Save money on potentially expensive mobile phone use
  • Star Allow more accurate staff management


  • Barnsley MBC selects VSR2 June 29, 2015 With an approximate population of 232,000 people, the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley is situated in South Yorkshire, England. Its administrative center is Barnsley, which has its roots in coal mining and glass production and now accommodates a campus of the University of Huddersfield. The Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (Barnsley MBC) offers a variety of information and ...
  • ITS LLC picks our Wallboard software May 29, 2015 New Jersey-based Innovative Technology Solutions (ITS) provides consulting services to IT management teams. Specializing in Managed Onsite Services, Technology Consulting and Executive & Strategic Consulting, the company has industry leading clients from a variety of areas including finance, government and healthcare. As ITS is highly committed to developing relationships that are specifically customized to the individual ...
  • ProBuild in the US chooses VSR2 May 7, 2015 With more than 400 locations, ProBuild is one of the leading companies that deal with building materials and products in the United States. The company offers a huge variety of construction materials, works with the top manufacturers and is absolutely committed to perform at the highest standards of quality, in order to be the chosen supplier ...
  • KiwiRail opts for Wallboard – HF April 23, 2015 KiwiRail plays a crucial role in New Zealand’s transport network and is amongst the country’s largest freight and tourism operators. The broad scope of the business includes freight and passenger services via both rail and ferry as well as network maintenance and locomotive engineering. With more than 4,100 employees, KiwiRail is one of the country’s biggest ...

The Team


Rodney CEO 
Just loves looking after you and the whole team.


Ruzanna Support Manager Ensures that when you need help you get help!


Justin Vault Team Leader
So security conscious he should be the one wearing the mask.


Helen Wallboard Team Leader
We’re very proud to be able to say ‘H made that!’.


Victor CTO
Last seen wrestling an alligator.


Alex aWare Team Leader
Believes sleeping more than one hour a night is luxury.


Adrienn Social Networking
Paid to sit on Facebook all day!


Jeremy Reporting Chief
 He wants you to know what you want to know.











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Are you a Cisco Integrator or software reseller? Would you like to deliver our software to your clients? We are always keen to engage with potential partners so drop us a line and let’s chat.

VSR2 specialises in software for the Cisco call center environment with focus on Cisco Call Recording, Cisco Wallboard Software and Dashboard Reporting and Cisco Reporting products. The software brings measurable benefits to clients through delivery of effective real-time call center statistics and performance data.

We deliver on to multiple platforms including large screen LCD and Plasma displays, laptops, phones and within Cisco Agent Desktop. VSR2 maintains partnerships with Cisco, Apple and Microsoft.

The end user benefit of real time information delivery through VSR2 software is the capacity to react to, act upon and predict contact center performance as well as monitoring that performance against fluctuating KPIs.

Maximising contact center potential improves the customer experience and saves you money, and high quality visibility of information, as provided by VSR2, is the key to this.

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